TEDxKC to focus on Youth & Women’s events

In its tenth year, TEDxKC is making a stronger commitment to youth and women’s programming. Two major events will be staged by TEDxKC: TEDxKCWomen on December 1, 2018 and TEDxYouth@KC on April 13, 2019.

“TED has always been about embracing change, growing and venturing into new territory,” said Mike Lundgren, TEDxKC co-founder and curator. “This August, we will not stage a ‘general ideas’ TEDxKC. Instead, the team will focus on enhancing youth and women’s programming.”

This programming change was announced to longtime partners and sponsors at a kick-off event at VML Monday evening. VML, a global advertising agency headquartered in Kansas City, helped establish TEDxKC in 2009. The Kauffman Foundation and VML are the program’s co-presenting partners.

“The timing is right for TEDxKC to emphasize youth and women’s programming,” said Jen Rivas, lead organizer of TEDxYouth@KC. “This connects to the conversation that’s resonating around the world and is an opportunity for Kansas City to have a leading voice in that discussion.”

The timing of TEDxKCWomen coincides with the national TEDWomen conference Nov. 28-30 in Palm Springs, CA. The program will be comprised primarily of live talks and performances, with select pre-recorded talks from the national conference. The diverse content planned for TEDxKCWomen will be equally compelling to women and men.

Additional information, volunteer opportunities and sponsorship benefits are available at TEDxKC.org and on its Facebook page.

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Q: What’s the game plan for TEDxKC in 2018?
A: TEDxKC will focus on youth and women’s programming this year by planning and implementing two major events: TEDxYouth@KC — Sept. 22, 2018 and TEDxKCWomen — Dec. 1, 2018.

Q: Will TEDxKC stage a big “general ideas” program in August?
A: Not this year. To expand and enhance the youth and women’s events, it will take additional energy and resources. It wouldn’t be possible to stage TEDxKC in August and do the other two events justice.

Q: Why not simply shift the focus of TEDxKC more towards women and women’s issues?
A: The time is right to have a dedicated women’s event in this community. With that, the content shared at TEDxKCWomen will be equally compelling to everyone.

Q: Can men attend TEDxKCWomen?
A: Absolutely. There will be both female and male speakers, sharing diverse topics relevant to both men and women.

Q: How will future TEDxKCWomen events be different?
A: Previously, TEDxKCWomen was anchored by pre-recorded talks from the national TEDWomen conference. Moving forward, it will comprise primarily of live talks and performances.

Q: Why stage TEDxKCWomen in early-December?
A: Our women’s program is timed to coincide with the national TEDWomen conference taking place Nov. 28-30, 2018 in Palm Springs, California.

Q: What is the organizational structure for TEDxKC programs?
A: The planning team structure for TEDxYouth@KC and TEDxKCWomen will be based on the TED model of community volunteers representing a variety of companies and organizations. The core planning team will be segmented into what some TEDx organizations call the “Five Cs” — curation, creative, conference, currency and community. There will also be an executive steering committee, an advisory council and numerous volunteer opportunities.

Q: How can I get involved?
A: If you’re interested in volunteering, we’d love to hear from you. Please reply via the Google Form available (here), at www.TEDxKC.org.

Q: How can I nominate myself or someone I know to give a TED Talk at TEDxYouth@KC or TEDxKCWomen?
A: You can nominate a speaker (including yourself) at www.TEDxKC.org. Click on the button labeled “Nominate a Speaker.”

Q: Will there still be remote simulcasts for either TEDxYouth@KC or TEDxKCWomen?
A: This has not yet been determined.

Q: Are there sponsorships available for the youth and women’s programs?
A: Yes. Sponsorship opportunities are available and will include visibility and possible activations at both TEDxYouth@KC and TEDxKCWomen. Sponsor benefits are available upon request.

Q: When will tickets go on sale for TEDxKCYouth and TEDxKCWomen?
A: Tickets will be available between two and three months before each event. Tickets will be priced as low as possible, determined by the cost of staging the events offset by sponsorship support.

Q: Isn’t TEDxKC one of the largest and most successful independently organized TED events in the world? Why change now?
A: TED has always been about embracing change, growing and venturing into new territory. It’s time to prioritize, expand and enhance youth and women’s programming in our community.

Q: Did a major sponsor drop out or were there financial challenges to continuing the big TEDxKC event in August?
A: No. In fact, TEDxKC is on incredibly solid footing, and we anticipate most of our existing partners will continue to support TEDxKC.

Q: Does anyone make money on TEDxKC events?
A: Nobody makes money on TEDxKC programming. It’s the ultimate zero-based budget operation. The organization starts each year with no funding; the events are supported by partners and sponsors providing cash and in-kind contributions. Combined with ticket revenue, this covers all expenses.

Q: Do TED speakers get paid?
A: They do not. TED speakers share their Idea Worth Spreading for free. A speaker can have his or her transportation costs covered (if necessary), as well as hotel accommodations.